The Great Race Project 2008

(Unfortunately, this wonderful project did not take place since the actual race, The Great Race of 2008, was cancelled. But there are many excellent resources and ideas on this wiki.)

Please continue to visit this page as we develop a fully interdisciplinary, integrated, project-based, real world curriculum. Please allow your students to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a real-life, significant, historic event! (If the image from the video does not appear in the space below, just move your mouse over the space and click on it.)

View this YouTube video about the Great Race of 1908 and the centenniel celebration, The Great Race of 2008. This soon to be released documentary is being created by Michael Hamm, Producer/Director and Kerrie Long Producer/Production Manager at Frame 30 Productions, Ltd., of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

We invite schools around the world to join us in this collaborative project based upon the Great Race of 1908 and the Great Race of 2008. There is no charge to participate. We will continue to accept registrations for participation as long as possible. Please contact Anne Shaw or Jerry Self at 21st Century Schools if you would like your district, school or class to participate!

Please read our Introduction which explains the relevance of this event to curriculum and instruction, and then proceed to view the other pages in this wiki.

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