Great Race Schools Project Needs

Please add your suggestions.

First of all, this project needs major publicity. We need the visibility that can be obtained through mentions of this project on news shows and talk shows on major networks. We will add a page to this wiki over the weekend which includes names and (when possible) addresses of people we'd like your students to write to. It will have a place where you can sign up to show how many letters your school is sending out, and to whom. Please also encourage other schools, in your district, or district friends/colleagues, or through ePals, to join us and do the same.

Our project may have to be renamed as the campaign to Save the Great Race 2008 - New York City to Paris, or just The Global Students' Celebration of the Centennial of the Great Race 1908.

We would like to obtain the endorsement and support of as many celebrities and other eco-notable people such as those listed on the Top 15 Green Grist Lists.

Second, we need equipment, services and monies.

In order to make this project truly successful, so that we have high quality, student-made products to present to institutions such as the American Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, and similar archives worldwide, we need the following services, equipment and funding:

1. Automobiles to enter the race(s)
2. Travel expenses for race teams, support teams, media teams and their teachers.
3. Videoconferencing equipment and services to classrooms in all countries along race route.
4. Equipment for the student broadcasting teams
5. Equipment, software, etc. for students to make a feature length film.
6. Travel of designated representatives from schools in New York City and Paris to be present at start-line and finish-line activities.